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Don't you hate it when you find some thumbnail or small image preview on a website that you can't see very well, and to figure out what it is you have to click and visit a page that you might not even want to see? When that happens, you should consider using an extension called Image Zoom, which can zoom in on any image that you see on a webpage.

Image Zoom allows you to make an image bigger without having to download it or open it in a new tab. Just right-click the image in question and select the percent by which you'd like to zoom in.

That's just one of the extension's functions. Image Zoom includes a high level of personalization, allowing you to use just the options that most interest you in each case. For starters, you can change the default zoom level, the action button, and the elements that are displayed on the shortcut menu.

Keep in mind that Image Zoom only zooms in on images, it doesn't resize them or display them in their original sizes.

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